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How To Set Up A Rubbish Removal Business In Cheshire

Have you ever thought about starting your own rubbish removal business in Cheshire? As waste continues to pile up and become an ever-increasing problem, the need for rubbish removal services is higher than ever. Not only is it a lucrative business, but it's also satisfying to know that you're making a positive impact on the environment.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of starting your own rubbish removal business in Cheshire. From understanding the market to acquiring the necessary equipment, we cover everything you need to know to get started. Let's begin.

Understanding The Market

Before starting any business, it's essential to do your research and understand the market you will be operating in. In this case, that means knowing the demand for rubbish removal services in Cheshire.

Cheshire is a large county situated in North West England, home to an estimated population of over 1 million people. With such a vast population, coupled with economic growth and urbanization, more waste is being generated than ever. Skip Hire Cheshire, a leading rubbish removal company in Cheshire, notes that this has led to an increase in demand for their services.

As a budding entrepreneur, you need to evaluate whether the demand for rubbish removal services in Cheshire is enough to sustain your business. Here are some things to consider:


Rubbish removal is a highly competitive industry, especially in urban areas like Cheshire. With various companies and individuals offering similar services, its vital to decide what sets your business apart from the competition. Think about your USP as we will discuss later.

Market Size

Cheshire's population and economy are continually growing, leading to an increase in waste generation. Therefore, the market size for rubbish removal services is likely to increase. This is an opportunity for new entrants in the market to establish themselves, build a customer base, and grow their business.

Customer Base

It's essential to understand your target customer base. In the case of rubbish removal, your customers are likely to be households and businesses that generate waste. Developing a marketing strategy that targets these customers is crucial.

Developing Your Rubbish Removal Business Plan

Once you've identified the market demand and evaluated your competition, it's time to develop your business plan. This plan will articulate your business model, target customers, revenue streams, and USP.

This is an important stage, as it sets out the framework upon which you will build your business. A well-developed business plan will also help you access funding and support from financial institutions and investors.

Business Model

Your business model sets out the way you will provide your services and generate revenue. There are various business models you can adopt in the rubbish removal industry. You can hire your vehicles and drivers or outsource the service to a third-party haulage company. Alternatively, you can invest in your vehicles and drivers.

Target Customers

As mentioned earlier, your target customers will be households and businesses that generate waste. Identify the types of waste that you will be collecting and the frequency in which you will provide the service. This information will help you develop pricing structures and service packages for your customers.

Revenue Streams

Your earnings in the rubbish removal industry will come from charging a fee for your services. Your pricing structure should be reflective of the type of waste you collect, the frequency of collection, and whether you are providing any additional services such as recycling.


Your USP is what sets your business apart from the competition. It could be your commitment to environmentally sustainable practices, your competitive pricing, or your exceptional customer service. Whatever it is, it's essential that you make it clear in your marketing strategy.

Acquiring The Necessary Equipment

Once you have developed your business plan, it's time to acquire the necessary equipment to start your rubbish removal business. The most critical pieces of equipment include:


You will need to invest in reliable vehicles capable of transporting waste to a licensed recycling center or landfill site. The choice of vehicle will depend on the type and quantity of waste you will be collecting. Vans or trucks with open-backs or closed containers are common options in the industry.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, and hard hats are also necessary. The appropriate personal protective equipment will prevent injuries and ensure that you comply with health and safety regulations.

Recycling Equipment

Investing in recycling equipment such as balers, compactors, and shredders can enable you to recycle some of the waste you collect, leading to a reduction in landfill waste and potential savings on landfill costs.

Compliance With Regulations

As in any industry, compliance with relevant regulations is crucial for success. In the rubbish removal industry, you need to comply with the following regulations:


You must hold a valid waste carrier's license issued by the Environment Agency. This license is mandatory for anyone carrying waste, even if it's your own. Without it, you risk prosecution and fines.

Waste Management Regulations

You must also comply with waste management regulations governing the collection, transport, and disposal of waste. These regulations include the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012.

Health and Safety

As previously mentioned, ensuring the safety of yourself and employees is essential. Compliance with guidelines set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is mandatory.

Marketing Your Business

The success of your business will depend on how effectively you market your services to your target customers. Some of the marketing strategies that you can use include:

Social media

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help you reach a significant number of people, particularly in the Cheshire area. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram also allow you to run targeted ads to people in the region who are likely to need your services.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Having a website is crucial, but it's not enough. SEO is a digital marketing strategy that aims to improve the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). Good SEO practices can help your website rank higher, leading to greater visibility and more leads.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing strategies such as door-to-door leaflet drops or direct mail campaigns can also be effective. Targeting households and businesses in areas where waste is generated in large quantities, such as industrial areas or retail parks, can lead to greater ROI.


Starting a rubbish removal business in Cheshire is a viable option for budding entrepreneurs. With the increasing demand for waste removal services, there's never been a better time to start.

Remember to understand the market, develop a solid business plan, acquire the necessary equipment, comply with regulations, and develop an effective marketing strategy. With these steps in place, you can establish a successful rubbish removal business that contributes to a cleaner and greener environment in Cheshire.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced rubbish removal company in Cheshire, Skip Hire Cheshire is here to help. With years of experience in the industry, we are committed to providing efficient and affordable rubbish removal services that meet your needs. Call us today at 01244 794022 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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